Take Care of Your Own Elders

Life is not easily walked through once we grow old. Sometimes, there is a feeling of sadness knowing that when we grow old, we become burden to people. Children grow and will have their own life. If possible we do not want to take away their happiness by allowing them to take care of us. This is why nursing homes are established so that elderly people will stay there and their children can live their own life freely especially when they are really busy taking care of their children also.

Now, there is a problem in the nursing homes in Japan because the government could no longer support all the elderly people in a nursing home or a home care because of the funds that have to be used for them. It must be a burden for the government to think of how they could solve this problem. One solution they made is that they will propose a plan that the elderly will stay in their private places and the nurses would just be visiting them.

In other countries, this problem is not serious because children or family members would take good care of their own elders. Some would hire private nurses to take care of their own elders. Another thing is that elderly people can actually survive without their children’s help as they can still work for themselves until their 80’s, unlike Japanese whose body needs to be taken care of in their 60’s since aging is very rapid for them.