How Much Do You Value Care?

Time is exceptionally fast. But sometimes, during our youthful days, we cannot realize that the future is coming upon us. It is because during the time of our youths, we have the strength and flexibility to do everything. We can climb even the highest mountain and we can even explore the whole world. We think that we have everything and that we can do even more. But the average life span of everyone is just seventy or eighty.

Beyond 50s, there are changes in our lives. Physical changes that we no longer have any strength though we have money. Social activities and even mental aspects. It is when the time of reflection comes that we come to realize how meaningful is life on this earth. Everybody cannot escape the reality of becoming aged. But what do you want to remain on your last days for yourself, for the family and for the rest of everyone.

Did you love your family as much as you can? Are there no regrets on your part letting your old parents leave? Did you do your filial duty to your parents and even to your children. As a father, as a mother, as daughter or as a son, what did you do for your family members that they can remember you with good memories. Now is the time to value care. Show and express your care and love to your family. Time is not long to stay together. Live every day meaningfully without regrets and blame.