Long-term care for the Elderly in Japan

Nursing Home and Services are now needed…………

Elderly care in Japan is in dangerous situation since the government hardly find the solution to solve the uprising problem in the society about the long-term care for the aged in these days. Birth of newborn babies  is deteriorating but death is rapidly increasing, targeting people from 65 years of age. This is why they are in an abrupt need of nurses for the elderly, many facilities and stuffs to take care their elderly people. The Social Welfare Department in Japan is doing their best to negotiate with the government in order to maintain the Long-term Care system without spending too much money for them. If the government will stop the care system, how would people live there?

The government does not like its people to be isolated especially that many elderly suffers from dementia. The government is aware that when they can not solve this phenomenon, the government itself will face a terrible future because the budget would not be enough for the nations elderly. This is why the nursing care insurance system would like to solve it by supporting the elderly in their private homes since the facilities and equipment like bed, wheelchair can not accommodate all the aged going to the nursing homes. Thanks to the private nursing homes, they are a great help to the government.

People of Japan are asked to cooperate in the plan–their elderly will be taken care in their private homes without being taken to nursing care building. According to world statistics, by the beginning of 2016, Japan’s elderly population would be 40% of the the whole population. As of now that this has not yet happened, they are already suffering from economic loss and population loss, how much more when that time comes? This must not be a case that shall be solved by the government and social workers only but also requires the participation of the mass. It is a hoped that Japan’s government would be able to carry out their plan and succeed in the end.